Torpedo Shots Drinking Game


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Torpedo Shots Game in battle you call the shots

Battleships with an adult twist!!

Just like traditional battleships you need to sink your opponents ships but except now you can do it with your favourite beverage!

If your opponent lands a shot, bad luck you can literally have a shot. If you are hit will you be able to hit back or will you end up sinking!!

But when there is a drink or two involved is there really any losers?

Great fun for responsible drinkers.


Age: 18+ years


  • Be entertained with the ultimate sea battle drinking game
  • Hide your battleships, take turns calling out positions and take a shot
  • As in all battles, the winner calls the shots and the loser gets torpedoed!
  • Great pre-drinking entertainment
  • A great party icebreaker
  • Sink your opponent while having your favourite beverage


Comes in 1 game board, 2 board clips, 6 battleships, 2 notepads and 18 shot glasses

280(L) x 45(W) x 250(H) mm
Colour display box