Tipsy Tower Drinking Game


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Tipsy Tower Drinking Game

The tipsy tower drinking game is a game for 4 responsible drinkers.

Think your hand is steady enough to remove a block from this tower? Just like the traditional family favourite, the aim of Tipsy Tower is to slide blocks out from the middle of the structure and add them back to the top without disturbing the other pieces.

A modern twist on a classic game, some of the bricks are there to spice it up with drinking instructions stating ‘choose a player to drink one’ or ‘drink two’.

Keeping the tower upright will become increasingly more difficult as the night and game goes on. Who has the steadiest hand under drinking pressure?!!!


Age: 18+ years


  • Classic wooden block game with a drinking twist
  • Includes 4 shot glasses and a wooden block tower
  • Some wooden tiles have drinking instructions
  • Great party drinking game


188(L) x 75(W) x 205(H) mm
Acetate box