Smartphone Cardboard Projector Portable


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Portable Cardboard Projector for Smartphones DIY Portable Cinema

About the product: 

DIY portable cardboard Smartphone Projector, provides customers with a portable projector experience, transform your smartphone videos, YouTube or Netflix movies onto a big screen. Built nearly entirely out of by cardboard, content on the smartphone screen can be projected onto a wall, very easy to assemble, especially for DIY enthusiasts, cardboard projector has a high-quality lens and can view at up to 8 x magnification. whether it is in a party, small social get together or cuddling up with a loved one you can now share your favourite or personal videos with friends and family. You can enjoy the coolest smartphone projection technology anytime, anywhere. Use the phone as a portable phone DIY Projector’s projection source, a large screen, high brightness, high resolution mobile phone is necessary for optimal viewing.

Transform smartphone videos from your phone onto the big screen

Turn videos stored on your phone or playable through applications such as YouTube and Netflix into cinematic greats with the Portable Cinema. The Universal Smartphone Projector allows you to watch videos in total comfort, saving you from having to hold your phone for extended periods of time. Another great application of the Universal Smartphone Projector is to allow multiple people to watch the same video without the need to huddle around a tiny screen, so with the Portable Cinema you can share those classic moments with friends and family as they were meant to be seen.

8x magnification Projection

Containing a high-quality glass lenses, this Cardboard Portable Cinema gives you an amazing 8x magnification on your videos.

Quick and easy instructions to follow for set up

The simplicity of the Portable Cinema allows you to set up in seconds, making it more portable and quicker than a real projector. Once it is set up, simply slide your smartphone in and close the tray to start your movie time.

Made from lightweight portable rugged cardboard

The Portable Cinema is made from tough and highly compacted cardboard, this provides a lightweight yet sturdy structure, ensuring that your new home cinema will stay in pristine condition.


Boxed measures approximately 19.5cm(W) x 11cm(H) x 18cm(D)
Assembled measures approximately 17-29cm(L) x 18cm(W) x 11cm(H)


1. Self-assembly.
2. Popcorn not included. 🙂
3. Keep the lens out of direct sunlight.
4. Fits phones up to a maximum size of 8cm x 14.5cm and 3.2 x 5.7 inch.
5. Physical experiment kit, not a professional projector.


1. Turn everyday you-tube videos into grand cinematic events
2. Project films from your smartphone onto the wall
3. Made from rugged cardboard
4. Includes a silicone grip pad to hold your phone in place
5. Light, compact and portable
6. High quality glass lens with 8x magnification
7. Self-assembly, glue is not included