Gun Shaped Gaming Controller Wireless Phantom Shox


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Phantom Shox Gun Shaped gaming Controller Wireless Bluetooth Mobile Phone Clip

About the product:

1. This product is compatible with Android / iOS / PC (Win XP / 7 / 8), Android TV
2. This product runs mainly handset/tablet computers that run on Android version 3.2 or above and supports Bluetooth connection with Smart TV, set-top box and iPhone/iPad that runs on iOS 7 system or above for playing shootout games. It can also be connected to Bluetooth portal to support game consoles that support Win XP/Win7/Win8 systems.
3. Create a different playing platform with this Wireless Gun Shaped Controller. This unit simulates reloading in shootout games featuring a magazine side out function and replacement of a new cartridge. This operates via function key (L2) after mapping.
4. With the telescopic stand, the phone can be put in the stand for 5.5 inch mobile phone, easy for playing games.
7. Ergonomics design for comfortable and enjoyable play.
8. Ultimate flexibility, precision, comfort, easy to control.

9. Built in 600mAh battery, up to 12 (with vibration) / 25 hours (without vibration) using time.



Product Nmae The Phantom
Product Model PG-9057
Voltage DC3.7V
Playtime Hours Continuous use without vibration: 25

Continuous use with vibration: 12

 Input voltage for charging DC5V
 Wireless/Bluetooth transmission distance up to 8 M
 Alignment 45-95 33 (Maximum support: 6 inches)
 Voltage Current 25mA-30mA
Battery Capacity  600mAh